Varicose Veins Treatment and Daflon

Published: 29th September 2010
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Treatments are available for varicose veins. A lot of them are simple things you can begin right now.

Raise your legs as much as possible. If you're able to take half-hour breaks during the day to relax, take action. You will need to raise your legs up above the level of your heart to have the maximum effect, and to do this for a half-hour every time.

Wear compression stockings (for example Ted Hose or Jobst stockings). The important thing is to put them on each morning before you start walking around and before your veins become more swollen. By trying them and experience worsening pain, especially once you have been walking, take them off and see your medical provider. You might have difficulties with the circulation to your legs (the arterial supply, which gives oxygen).

In case you are overweight, try to lose weight naturally. Balanced and healthy diet full of fiber and decreased fat and salt may help.

Avoid alcohol, which can make the veins in your legs to dilate.

See your health care provider if you have problems such as chronic constipation, urinary retention, or chronic cough. Relieving conditions that are causing you to strain can help with the varicose veins.

Avoid wearing tight clothing for example girdles or belts.

Never cross your legs when sitting.

Walking is a useful one exercise. It can help the muscles force the blood out of the deeper vein system.

If you are driving on a holiday or working at a desk throughout the day, try to get up and walk around every hour or so to allow the muscles to pump the blood out of the veins.

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